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Cat-i Glass Manufacturing has become a dominant supplier of precision machined glass products through emphasis on quality, pricing and delivery.

The employees of Cat-i Glass combine education, experience and the desire to continually improve quality and processing. Our staff consists of engineers degreed in ceramics, chemistry, mechanical and industrial engineering, and many of our technicians have over 15 years of glass fabrication experience.

Our continued growth is driven by our business philosophy, state of the art equipment, extensive glass inventory and employees dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

Our company will focus on your needs and give you our professional and knowledgeable assistance through every phase of designing, prototyping and implementation. Additionally, our engineers can provide our customers with cost saving suggestions during the product life cycle. At Cat-i Glass, we are capable of creating small prototype runs with a quick turnaround.

Phone Number (847) 931-8986

Revenue $37.8 Million

AXIA Ventures Group Ltd (“AXIA”) is a leading regional privately-owned investment banking group providing financial advisory and capital market-related services to corporates, governments and institutional clients.AXIA is headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (License No: 086/07) and fully licensed to provide financial advisory services in many financial markets around the world. AXIA is focused in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and the broader region. The company has presence in Nicosia (Headquarters), Athens (Branch), New York (subsidiary) and Milan (representative office).

We aim to provide our clients with expert advice, innovative solutions and outstanding execution, by offering a highly effective and customized approach to each and every client. Our entrepreneurial ethos and close industry ties set us apart from other advisors in the region.

Phone Number (212) 792-0253

Revenue $16.4 Million

School District of Colfax is a company that operates in the Education industry. It employs 51-100 people and has $10M-$25M of revenue.

Phone Number (715) 962-3155

Revenue $14.7 Million

Edgewood Schools is a company that operates in the Education industry. It employs 51-100 people and has $1M-$5M of revenue.

Phone Number (812) 876-7100

Arango Billboard & Construction Co LLC is a company that operates in the Construction industry. It employs 21-50 people and has $5M-$10M of revenue.

Sanglier are world leading specialists in filler commercial packaging and distribution for adhesives, solvents, lubricants and paints.

Revenue $5 Million

The Eye Clinic Surgicenter provides treatments for clear lens exchange, corneal cross-linking, contact lenses, corneal, dry eye, glaucoma, implanted contact lens, LASIK, optical, low vision, and retinal.

We at KEE Process have the international capability to provide effective wastewater treatment solutions with ‘In-house’ design, manufacture, install, commission and operate both domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants on a site specific basis.

Our technologies include anaerobic digestion, aerobic processes including RBC and Submerged Aerated fixed film systems, extended aeration and SBR activated sludge processes, complemented with physical and physio-chemical processes. KEE also have a team of experienced process engineers and project engineers capable of delivering solutions to suit.

Revenue $7.9 Million

From plaster to paving, we've got it covered

From the screws needed to fit a shelf, right through to all the materials needed to plan a self-build, you’ll find everything you need at Youngs.

$5.6 Million

Frank Jacobs, Business Manager

(314) 647-5900

Local Union: Principal Officer * Oversees day-to-day operations * Manages full-time staff * Works in cooperation with elected officers as prescribed by the IBEW’s governing documents * Member, IBEW/NECA Labor-Management Negotiating Committee for all multi-employer agreements * Approves and executes all local union specialty agreements * Trustee & Chairman, all local union multi-employer Taft-Hartley Trust Funds: Health & Welfare, Holiday, Income Security, Market Research, Pension, 401K, Vacation * Secretary, JATC * President, Local 1 Building Corporation.

Our team gained access to the Kadokawa network almost a month ago. It took some time, because of the language, to figure out that Kadokawa subsidiaries' networks were connected to each other and to get through all the mess Kadokawa's IT department made there. We have discovered that Kadokawa networks architecture was not organised properly. It was different networks connected to the one big Kadokawas infrastructure being controlled through global control points, such as eSXI and V-sphere. Once we have gained access to the control center we have encrypted the whole network (Dwango, NicoNico, Kadokawa, other subsidiaries).

The second part of our Team downloaded about TB1,5 of data from the networks.

Quickscope of downloaded data:


-DocuSigned papers

-various legal papers

-platform users related data (emails, data usage, links opened, etc)

-employee related data (personal info, payments, contracts, emails, etc)

-business planning (presentations, emails, offers, etc)

-projects related data (coding, emails, payments, etc)

-financial data (payments, transfers, planning, etc)

-other internal-use-only papers and confidential data

Once the network was encrypted we contacted Kadokawas management to make a deal with them regarding data protection and network decryption.

As everyone can see the company is suffering right now and its business processes are being interrupted. Kadokawa and its subsidiaries' services were suspended and the approximate time of recovery was set to the end of July.

It is good to see that Kadokawas management is updating public announcements regarding this situation almost every day. It is very good that Kadokawas management decided to tell the "truth" to calm down the public.

But, it is not good that Kadokawa decided to hide some details. Maybe its own IT department decided not to tell all the truth to its own management, anyways, we can prove Kadokawa statements wrong.

First of all, Kadokawas IT department detected our presence within the network 3 days before we had encrypted the network. Admins tried to kick us out from the network, one of our server IP"s was blocked, they have tried to change admin credentials, but we have managed to set undetectable access to the network. We have continued downloading even after Kadokawa admins detected us. They were unable to detect and stop outgoing traffic, because our downloading scripts kept working even after the server's IP was blocked. 1 day before encryption we have detected enormous Kadokawa admins activity trying to stop us unsuccessfully.

We still have more details to share with the public if needed, but we prefer not to show all the aces we have prepared within the sleeve.

Since we are people of business we are only interested in money. Kadokawa is trying to settle the deal, but the amount of money they have offered is extremely low for this company. This network incident will lead to full network architecture rework, that is why Kadokawas customers had to wait until the IT department reconfigures the whole network. The thing they didn't know is that Kadokawas IT department doesn't have enough experience in hacktivism to understand all the weak spots within its own network, which will lead to another cyber incident in the future. And the other thing is that in case if leaked data go public Kadokawa would have to change not just its network infrastructure, but the whole way they are doing business, because a lot of confidential business related data would be disclosed also.

We are offering our help to make Kadokawa's network better, based upon our life lasting experience, in addition to network decryption and deletion of leaked data.

Long story short, we have gained access to very personal information regarding Japanese citizens. Those people would definitely like to keep the data related to their private life confidential, no one would like to see "things they are doing in the night" going public including their emails and browsing history.

Kadokawas' management should understand one thing, is that everything will go public if we will not make a deal until the end of this week.

Right now the confidential life details of many Japanese citizens depend upon Kadokawas' management decision.

We dont think that Kadokawa's top management would like to spend the following few months bending in excuses. Such exercises do not fit them at all.

It would be much easier to pay and keep moving forward for such a company as Kadokawa is.

ALL DATA will be released on July 1st.

Kansas police said they will not pay a ransom after voluntarily agreeing to have their case files made public. Trust your police.

Kansas City, Kansas was formally incorporated on October 22, 1872 and was comprised of five municipalities within Wyandotte County: "old" Kansas City, Armstrong, Armourdale, Riverview and Wyandotte. In the 1890s, the city saw an explosive growth in population as a streetcar suburb of the larger Kansas City - Kansas City, Missouri. That growth led to the establishment of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department in 1898. With a staff of 46, it began serving all five municipalities. In 1997 voters unanimously approved to consolidate the governments of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan. to form the Unified Government (UG) of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas.Today the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department provides emergency services to approximately 125 square miles with over 340 sworn officers serving a population of approximately 155,000 citizens and 10 million visitors per year. As an accredited member of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA), the KCKPD meets established professional standards in law enforcement. Learn about the KCKPD's Accreditation with CALEA by clicking here.

The department operates as part of the UG and directly reports to the County Administrator. All patrol officers, detectives and sergeants are represented by a police union, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4, for the purpose of collective bargaining.

Eurotroll B.V is a Netherlands based specialist in custom-made quality control solutions for in vitro diagnostics with a U.S. based production wing. Eurotrol provides high specification, custom-made quality control materials (QC) for the periodic verification of the precision and accuracy of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) analyzers. Our products are produced by an integrated ISO-approved process, from research and development through production, in which only the highest quality materials are used.

The network of Eurotroll B.v. has been encrypted with our tools. We also have managed to download about 600GB of data from this network.

What kind of data leaked from this network:

- bhv data

- it data

- projects

- sales data

- procurement

- US wing data

- employee data

- personal data

- quality control

- quickbooks backups

- product development

- product engineering data

- production process development

- operations and supply chain data

- other sensitive data

We have contacted Eurotrolls' top management regarding data protection and network encryption. Management refused to pay fro decryption tool and offered $25000 for data protection. The sum being offered is not acceptable.

Phone Number             Dallas Office 214.231.6800 Houston Office 214.231.6889 
Address                  2101 Cedar Springs Rd Ste 1800, Dallas, Texas
Industry                 Oil and Gas 
Specialties              Oil and Energy, Natural Gas, Energy Exploration, and Oil Fields 
Company size             Total Employees 85
Revenue                  $9.6 Million
President                Michael Wisenbaker

Michael Wisenbaker - President                  214-231-6820, mob:(512) 507-2930,   
Jeremy Osborne - Director of Financial Planning 214-231-6860, mob:(214) 288-9264,        
Graham Rumble - Chief Financial Officer         214-231-6841, mob:(214) 797-6345,
Reagan Jensen - Chief Investment Officer        214-231-6822, mob:(214) 755-1827,
Mira Shadrina - Director of Finance             214-231-6850, mob:(646) 465-4491,
Rick Mullins - Director of Tax                                mob:(940) 231-0146,
Christianne Herran - Director of Tax            214-231-6836, mob:(214) 669-0619,
David Brewer - hief Operating Officer           713-630-8980, mob:(214) 621-7964,
Brooks Yates - Vice President A&D               214-231-6881, mob:(214) 535-8690,
Paul Prater - Chief Financial Officer           214-231-6861, mob:(817) 683-1008,
site mail:,,

Folders: Acquisitions, Administrative, Allocations, BUDGET,Budget-Planning, Confidentiality Agreements, Expense & Revenue Summary, Health Safety & Environmental, Land Administration,OPERATIONS, PEREGRINE SCOUT, Production Engineering , PROJECTS, Royalty.Revenue Checks

Folders: ACCOUNTING (Cash Flow Inception to Date,Budget Packages, Expense Report, G&A PROJECT,FUEL REPORTING,SCANS,TAX,Incentive... )

Folders: Accounting Records, Audits, Bank Statements, Brokerage Reconciliations, Brokerage Statements, Financial Statements, Flight Logs, Gain-Loss Schedules, Gain-Loss Schedules, Valuations, DK-SVE

Folders: Accruals, Gas Balancing, JWasson, MPickens, MRoss, OLD_MOVEDTO_REVENUE

Folders: Apparel Orders, Compensation, E-Verify, Educational Assistance Program, Employee files and Updates, Employee Handbook Project, I 9 - Employment Verification, Internships, New Hire Forms and Manuals Updates, Org Charts, Petroleum, PTO, Scanned HR Files, Welcome Announcements

01_Blank_Database, 2016PeregrineReseves, 2019_Economic_Review, Acquisitions, ACQ_Eastern_Shelf_2019, ACQ_Fairway_2019, ACQ_Petrohunt_2019,ACQ_Tall_Cotton_2019, AdventIdentityServices, APXController, APXController_Archive, APXFirm_Archive, APXFirm_Doc, APXFirm_Temp,Aries_Miscellaneous,ARIES_Research,ARIES_Reserves, ARIES_Reserves_AzureCopy,ARIES_Reserves_Old, Cody_Research, MDM, ReportServer, ReportServerTempDB

Total Files Listed:
158733 File(s) 216,742,566,072 bytes
37032 Dir(s) 16,818,413,805,568 bytes free
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Established in 2001, Ipsotek LTD is a pioneer in the field of A.I.V.A. (Artificial Intelligence Video Analytics) and Scenario-based Intelligent Video Analytics.

Ipsotek LTD provides Face Recognition software, Perimeter Protection, Crowd Management, Operation Management and other Ai-powered security services.

2023 Ipsotek LTD became a part of Atos Group of Companies with a $12 Billion annual revenue.

Long story short, thanks to good internet connection speed we have managed to download 995GB of data from Ipsotek's network to an encrypted offline server within 12 hours only.

Alexander Slater's sloppiness made our life easier x10 times, thanks for the passwords and notes saved within his files.

Data leaked from Ipsotek,Ltd contains and not limited with:

- Ai data

- Ai models

- Clients data

- Deep Face data

- Financial data

- Software Builds

- Lots of coding data

- Contracts and NDA's (including Atos related)

- Product Development

- Projects related data

- Product Research and Development details

- Files stored within Ipsotek's OneDrive

- Eggington's (CFO) working documents for the last 4 years

- Eggington's emails backups

- AI surveillance software related data

- Employees related data (contacts, home address, salaries, etc)

- Shareholders related data

- other sensitive information

Sichuan Dawei Technology Co., Ltd (Sichuan Dowell Science and Technology Company Inc.) was established in November 2003. Its main business is the research, development, production and sales of leather chemicals. The products cover four categories: clean tanning materials, leather functional additives, finishing materials and colorants. The small class, with a production capacity of more than 200 kinds of products, was listed on the GEM in 2016 and is a leading enterprise in the domestic leather industry.

The network of Sichuan Dowell Science and Technology Company Inc. has been penetrated by our team.

We have stayed within this network for over a week. The network has been encrypted as a result and over 20GB of data leaked from Dowell's network.

Leaked data contains:


-3D models

-Welding info

-Building projects info

-Factory construction reports

-Leather shredder machine development


Vision Mechanical is providing you with all you need in mechanical aspects including plumbing, piping, HVAC, fabrication, and service


Despite numerous warnings about responsibility in connection with data loss - the Director of Vision Mechanical turned out to be a completely inadequate person, he absolutely does not care about personal data of his employees and partners. It's all about the money

What kind of data was taken from network:

-Business data (contracts, contacts, etc)

-Employee data (passports, contracts, contacts, family details, medical examinations, etc)

-Financial data (audits, reports, payments, contracts, etc)

-other data taken from shares and personal folders

Phone Number              (847) 931-8986
Address                   PO Box 208, South Elgin, Illinois, 60177, United States
Industry                  Glass, Ceramics and Concrete Manufacturing
Specialties               OEM Components, Tempering, Gorilla Glass, Chemical Strengthening, Screen Printing, PCAP Touchsensor, Lighting, Touch Display, Industrial Touchscreens, Lamination, Agriculture, LCD Display, Outdoor Kiosks, Industrial Components, and Medical Products
Company size              Total  Employees 160
Revenue                   $37.8 Million
President                 Robert Jaynes,

Phone employees
Rob Jaynes - 847-931-0341  =  847-652-7421
Travis Jaynes - 847-931-6497  =  847-652-7425
Emergency IT - 630-740-1041
Direct to the switchboard - 847-931-0364
Eric Moore - 937-423-5188
Gary Horvath - 630-957-7996
Logan Jaynes - 847-312-5463
Maria Escamilla - 224-629-9537

Specialties: OEM Components, Tempering, Gorilla Glass, Chemical Strengthening, Screen Printing, PCAP Touchsensor, Lighting, Touch Display, Industrial Touchscreens, Lamination, Agriculture, LCD Display, Outdoor Kiosks, Industrial Components, and Medical Products

04/29/2024  07:19 AM    <DIR>          Accounting  (401K,Accounting,Banking,Customers,Insurance,Financial Analyses, Trial Balances...)
04/29/2024  07:31 AM    <DIR>          Attachments
04/29/2024  07:53 AM    <DIR>          Engineer
04/29/2024  07:19 AM    <DIR>          Everyone
04/29/2024  07:45 AM    <DIR>          HR  (Certificate,Christmas Party,COVID,Handbook,Liability...)
04/29/2024  08:39 AM    <DIR>          Inventory
04/29/2024  07:21 AM    <DIR>          Labels
04/29/2024  07:33 AM    <DIR>          PriceMatrix
04/29/2024  08:19 AM    <DIR>          Quality  (Calibration,CC,CCF,ISO,Internal Audi,Cof A & SDOC...)
04/29/2024  07:45 AM    <DIR>          Sales
04/29/2024  07:53 AM    <DIR>          Sales_Backlog
04/29/2024  07:33 AM    <DIR>          Scans
04/29/2024  08:21 AM    <DIR>          Shared
04/29/2024  08:21 AM    <DIR>          Active Directory (AD)

Total Files Listed:
96832 File(s) 52,108,070,094 bytes
34058 Dir(s)  17,436,043,411,456 bytes free
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(AutomatedMachineMonitoring, QssCatiJobTrack, QssCatiPartTracker, QssCatiRep, RackTrack, ReportTrack, TestTrack, ToolTrack)
3.80 GB
Phone Number              507-289-8683
Address                   1820 Valkyrie Drive NW * Lower Level Rochester, MN 55901
Industry                  Individual and Family Services   
Specialties               Disability Services, Fundraising, Direct Support, Respite Care, Family Support Services, Supporting Individuals with Disabilities, and Person Centered Care 
Company size              Total  Employees 281 
Revenue                   $10.4 Million

Area of activity: Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations
Phone Number: (507) 289-7222
Phone Number: (507) 289-4444
Phone Number: (507) 289-8683

Scott Decker, Property Director -
Cassandra Emmons, Program Director *
CJ Walters, Human Resources Director *

House Coordinator - Margie Chesney - tel. (507) 289-6023, (507) 601-8851
House Nurse - Jessica Pietsch      - tel. (507) 289-2722, (507) 601-8867
Program Director - Anastasia Toth  - tel. (507) 226-0715, (507) 901-0504

Directory of D:\
05/02/2024  08:57 AM  <DIR>   Finance (Banking,Contracts,Meta,Open Enrollment Documents,STANDARD Insurance...) 
05/02/2024  09:16 AM  <DIR>   Foundation (Admin,Agency Comms,Community Conversations,Marketing...)
05/02/2024  08:57 AM  <DIR>   HR
05/02/2024  08:37 AM  <DIR>   Human Resources (Archive,Board of Directors,Contacts,HR Standard Operating Procedures...)
05/02/2024  08:53 AM  <DIR>   Management (2024 Strategic Planning,Advocacy,Advocate and Admissions Coordinator,Data Smart...)
05/02/2024  08:51 AM  <DIR>   Public (Administrative Assistant folder,Foundation,HCBS Documents,HHI  Map and Directions,Human Resources...)
05/02/2024  08:16 AM  <DIR>   RedirectedFolders
05/02/2024  08:15 AM  <DIR>   SoftwareRepository
05/02/2024  08:15 AM  <DIR>   UserShares

Total Files Listed:
106336 File(s) 40,339,111,131 bytes
45789 Dir(s)  16,844,961,726,464 bytes free

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